Mission Critical By Design, Function and Process

Today an organization’s mission-critical facility is either moving forward or the organization is left behind.  Even the newest facility often must accommodate a mix of both modern and legacy systems, as well as being attuned to ever-more-demanding up-time  requirements.

Every mission-critical facility, whether it’s a data center, a call center or an operations center, is a dynamic entity.   New risks – from climate to energy to security-pose new challenges to the data center manager.  Additionally, advances in, and increased reliance on, technology place greater and greater demands on the facility and its infrastructure.

TSS has been setting standards for more than 30 years for resilient, robust and scalable technology facilities.  Today, the company continues to innovate and lead in mission-critical infrastructure design and support services.

TSS’ experience and focus on innovation have made us one of the industry’s leading experts in planning, designing, building and maintaining mission-critical facilities.

Our team has played a key role in the development and deployment of reliable, available, maintainable and scalable infrastructures for data centers and other mission-critical sites.  Our focus on the total facility life cycle gives us a unique strength in helping organizations manage costs over the life of the facility.

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