Assessments & Planning

Uptime Begins Before The Facility Comes Online

Ever need to know the capabilities, capacities and limitations of your current or prospective Data Center facility?  TSS Assessment and Planning services helps clients to better understand these issues when evaluating how they can address their long-term needs for IT space. 

Our experts are skilled at applying their extensive, real-life experience to critical environmental, power, communications and security challenges.  Together, they deliver precise engineering solutions targeted at the unique needs of a mission-critical facility.

Our comprehensive suite of planning services include:

  • Critical Infrastructure Assessments
  • IT Growth Planning
  • IT Space Configuration Layout
  • Technology Relocation Planning
  • Energy Audits

TSS understands the lifecycle of mission-critical facilities.  Our team knows how to evaluate technology environments and the facility infrastructure that will impact your IT systems and operations over time.   We build effective and realistic models that project space, power, cooling and reliability requirements.  

These evaluation studies enable you to assess the viability of every option – and recommend an optimal solution and business case that will best house your technology assets for the long term.

For more information on our way of thinking about these kinds of issues, download one of our technical articles: Data Center Energy Reduction Strategies or In-Row Cooling Options for High Density Applications  or contact us directly to speak with one of our expert consultants.