Design & Budgeting

Balancing Mission-Critical Quality & Cost

TSS design services provide a seamless transition from planning to the formal design process.  Our design and engineering experts create high-quality, cost-effective system design solutions that meet or exceed the overall mission requirements.

No matter what strategies are put in play, the most important factor to an energy efficient design without reducing reliability or maintainability is Right Sizing. This important information is built from the Information Technology power starting point, the life-cycle growth trends and, ultimately, the size of the connected infrastructure. With this critical data in-hand, TSS can achieve an effective mechanical/electrical plant design, with the highest possible efficiency and power factor from the mission’s earliest stage throughout its useful life.  These services include:

Unlike architectural generalist firms, Total Site Solutions’ in-house, professional design staff applies extensive, real-life experience in critical environmental, power, communications and security systems. TSS delivers precise engineering solutions that are real-world ready for the unique needs.

For more information on our thinking, we invite you to download our technical article: EIU: Efficient Infrastructure Infrastructure Utilization Analysis – or contact us directly to speak with one of our expert consultants.