Modular Data Centers

DeployMDC – Data Centers

Building a walled data center can be quite expensive.  When it comes time to expand the site, it can also be difficult to scale your capacity.  TSS provides modular data center, (MDC), solutions that help you to cost-effectively design and deploy a data center rooted in quality, scalability, maintainability and most of all – portability.

Whether you need a single module that is self sufficient or multiple modules, TSS can provide you with  design, engineering, installation and maintenance services to configure and support solutions unique to your requirements.

TSS is, the most experienced firm in the nation for modular data center design and deployment.

TSS supports products and systems from a wide variety of MDC vendors. By focusing on the full life cycle of modular data centers – and providing a single point of responsibility, TSS can provide a much better design, more rapid deployment and a much more cost-efficient solution than ……

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