Operations & Maintenance

Facility Management – Sustained Success

TSS Facility Management services ensure that the systems critical to sustaining online applications in technologically-intensive facilities remain operational and functional.

The service is orchestrated by our expert specialists with the skills and experience to ensure that your facility is commissioned and operated to the industry’s highest standards.

TSS maintenance services focus on all crucial systems including mechanical, electrical, fire protection, communication and security components, along with the building envelope.  TSS develops a customized service and maintenance program based on your specific thresholds and requirements. 

Operations Services Include:

The true differentiator of a mission-critical facility isn’t the technology, or the building – it’s the people managing it.  The unique level of experience, the focused expertise and the holistic approach that TSS brings enables our team to manage mission-critical operations much more effectively.

For more of our thinking, we invite you to download this technical Powerpoint Show: Achieve Maximum Uptime Through TSS’ Proven RAMPS Methodology – or contact us directly to speak with one of our expert consultants.